HR outsourcing firm in Arlington, TX

RUSH HR is an HR outsourcing firm in Arlington, TX. We work with our clients in a cooperative manner to determine the right solution that meets their needs, goals and budget. From the initial conversation to implementation, all discussions are kept strictly confidential.

Step 1: Let’s Talk.

We begin with a brief conference call or introductory meeting with the C level member(s) of your team to determine if there is a potential fit between your firm and RUSH HR.

Step 2: Discovery.

Meetings between stakeholders within your organization and RUSH HR to discover your needs, goals and scope of the relationship. During the discovery process, we will gather the documents needed to provide RUSH HR’s recommendations.

Step 3: Recommendations.

Meetings between your stakeholders and RUSH HR to review our findings and recommendations. All services, fees, timelines, terms, expectations, and questions are addressed.

Step 4: Go or No Go.

We come to an agreement of GO or NO GO.

Go: We agree that a relationship between your firm and RUSH HR makes sense and the agreements are completed to initiate the relationship.

No Go: We agree that a relationship is not a fit at this time and discuss if it makes sense to resume discussions at a future date.

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