Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting Firm

RUSH HR is a human resources outsourcing and consulting firm serving clients across the country. Clay Kelley, the firm’s Managing Director, has been in the HR outsourcing business since 1985.

We work with CEO’s and owners of companies who are serious about growing their bottom line and eliminating the hassles of human resources, workers’ comp, risk management, employee benefits and payroll.

We are unique, because we represent a number of HR outsourcing service providers. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients with the provider most capable of meeting their goals, needs and budget.

Most of all, we solve problems and help our clients succeed by:

*        Reducing Labor Costs
*        Minimizing Employer Liability
*        Reducing HR Administration
*        Maximizing Employee Productivity
*        Increasing Profitability

Client Profile

Our clients represent a wide range of industries from CPA firms to steel erectors. Also, our service providers are capable of meeting the needs of all types of industries who respect their employees, and want to eliminate the hassles of employment. In addition, we have served companies from 5 employees to 850 employees.

Clay M. Kelley, PHR

Clay Kelley is the Managing Director of RUSH Human Resources.

Clay has been in the HR Outsourcing business since 1985. Clay began his career as a sales producer closing over 450 clients. He has served as a sales executive for three middle market HROs and trained thousands of sales professionals.

He has attained the distinguished Professional in Human Resources (PHR) designation from the Human Resources Certification Institute and serves on the board of NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employment Organization).

Clay is the author of three books on selling in the HRO industry; Success in Selling Professional Employment, Jump Start to Success in Selling Professional Employment, Managing for Success in Selling Human Resources Outsourcing. Consequently, He is the most published author of sales articles in HRO and PEO industry trade journals.